Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Social Responsibility

bet356游戏Corporate Social Responsibility or sustainable business practices is something that companies who deal with underdeveloped countries like Madagascar are being encouraged to embrace. Defining sustainability and applying it within any business model, depending on the product involved, is not so easily achieved. In the case of vanilla from Madagascar there are several approaches which could all be considered sustainable with each practice providing its own benefits. Although Aust & Hachmann (Canada) sponsors several programs and projects on the ground our primary focus is education.


UPDATE: April 2019
Health Centre at Ambohitrakongona

Addition of a well, water tower, water tank and solar powered pump system.
Unfortunately, it is common in many rural areas for patients, their relatives and even expectant mothers to bring their own potable water for use during their care and treatment. Although this seems strange and unsatisfactory to people in the developed world this is considered normal and perfectly acceptable in Madagascar and other African countries.

In an effort to alleviate this need, at this site, we have arranged for the addition of a water system at the Ambohitrakongona Clinic.

The system includes a well, water tower and a solar powered pump. It is our hope that this addition will improve both quality of life and treatment for the community.


3 Ways you can help the vanilla communities of Madagascar

1) Sponsor a project through the Madagascar Development Fund (MDF)
2) Make a donation to CALA (committee for leprosy relief in Antalaha)
3) Make a donation to Macolline or JHA (Joey Helps Antalaha)




NGO’S supported by Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Ltd

– MDF (Madagascar Development Fund.)
– Committee for Leprosy Relief in Antalaha, C.A.L.A.



bet356游戏A&H Canada is very proud to have been able to help and participate.

Projects Aust & Hachmann Canada supports

– New Primary School in Andamoty
– Health Centre at Ambohitrakongona.
– Construction of a 3 classroom, cyclone proof primary school in Ansahabe.
– Construction of a 3 classroom cyclone proof primary school at Ambatofitatra.