3 ways you can help the vanilla communities of Madagascar


The MDF can evaluate, target and implement any number of projects with minimal delays and costs providing maximum community impact. There is a critical need in the vanilla region for schools, clean water, basic medical clinics and simple infrastructure such as a bridge to link two villages. Your company can request an evaluation targeting a specific geographic location (Sambava, Antalaha, etc). MDF will ensure your company receives maximum local press and media coverage as well as an inauguration ceremony to be recorded for your company website. All contributions are tax deductible within the U.S.A. Successfully implemented projects are followed up on a bi-annual basis by the MDF to ensure compliance and upkeep.



Making a donation to CALA will ensure the ongoing viability of the 2 dynamic villages that have been created by CALA in the Antalaha region. They serve as a refuge for the families afflicted by leprosy but also other abandoned and disenfranchised children.


3) Make a donation to or

Working in conjunction with CALA these two organization are all about educating the local population. Whether it is the dangers off “slash and burn farming”, the advantages of “eco-tourism” using guides and the trails of “Macolline”, or even learning a 2nd language like English to communicate with the outside world, the common theme is to enable and empower the local population to take control of their lives so that they can make their communities better.



Beach Project – Sambava



Lunch at Belfort Village supported by CALA