New Primary School in Tanambao Ampano


bet356游戏Built in 1998 with an expansion constructed in 2001, the primary school in Tanambao Ampano is in dire need of replacement. Its current state is the result of damage suffered in the 2017 cyclone, leaving the school nearly unusable.

This school, together with a new temporary building provide four classrooms for 350 pupils. The new building is dark and poorly ventilated and very hot. The roof leaks when it rains, an the children have to be sent home, giving teachers insufficient time to complete the syllabus – to the children’s disadvantage. All four classrooms are noisy and over-crowded and despite their best efforts the teachers are under pressure and stressed by their poor working conditions. Discouraged and demotivated by these poor conditions, and despite the teachers’ dedication and hard work, the children’s pass rate in the annual Certificate of Primary Education exams has fallen steadily since the 2017 cyclone.
bet356游戏The school has a basic latrine which is in a very poor state. The pupils collect drinking water from a well situated 100 meters from the school.

Damaged Original Structure
Temporary Structure


  • To extend the school by building three additional cyclone-resistant classrooms – to increase capacity;
  • Equip them with_ school benches, book shelves and cupboards, and desks and chairs for the teachers;
  • Build a latrine with 3 compartments and boys’ urinals.

Main Outputs:
This community has shown its willingness to educate its children. Their full cooperation and participation is assured. The extension of the school is greatly needed, and will be appreciated. Increasing capacity and improving conditions for pupils and teachers will provide an opportunity for up to sixty children, who are not yet able to attend school, to receive an education. Giving more children access to a basic education will in due course make an important improvement to their future employment prospects and contribute to better living conditions and the fight against poverty.

Render of New School