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Vanilla Beans

bet356游戏 Still the dominant force in global vanilla production Madagascar still enjoys world­ wide acceptance and recognition through all markets. A familiar flavor and fragrance profile that will enhance and improve a vast array of food, beverage and fragrance products. A wide variety of grades to suit all buyers and industrial applications. The most recent crisis vanilla crisis starting from 2015 has hurt production and quality however Madagascar still retains top spot out producing all other vanilla origins combined. Furthermore, the local government has finally realized the importance of vanilla for the economy and initiatives have been implemented to improve quality by way controlling early picking, theft and detrimental curing methods such as quick curing or green vanilla extraction. Available as certified organic.

Bourbon type planifolia vanilla has been produced in Uganda for generations, unfortunately over all yield has remained stagnant for years. Although Ugandan vanilla can reach very high levels of quality because of favorable growing conditions a lack of vanilla infrastructure on the ground has impeded growth and quality standards significantly. Like other origins Ugandan vanilla production was crippled after the 2001-2004 vanilla crisis. Quality issues have also been a grave concern. However, a new generation of vanilla producers and exporters along with some long overdue government support of the vanilla industry gives hope for the years ahead. With two crops annually there is no reason why Uganda cannot produce at least 200mt of quality vanilla beans annually.

Although it has taken some time, Papua New Guinea can now be considered a major global supplier of vanilla beans with production close too and sometimes exceeding 200mt. We only carry the Tahitesnsis type PNG vanilla which is truly unique to this origin with a very different flavor and fragrance profile compared to other origins. We source directly from Papua New Guinea to ensure traceability and authenticity. Although best known for gourmet quality vanilla PNG extraction grade is readily available but in smaller quantities then other growing regions. Available as
certified organic. 

bet356游戏Situated just off the northeast coast of Madagascar, the Comoros are the 2nd largest producer of true bourbon vanilla beans after Madagascar hitting a peak production in excess of 200mt in the mid 1990’s. Following the crash in world wide vanilla prices from 2004 -2011 vanilla production in the Comoros fell drastically. With the recent upswing in global vanilla prices, production has recovered and is expected to exceed 100mt by 2020. Many consider Comorian Vanilla to be superior to Madagascar with consistently higher vanillin contents. Most vanilla is cured to pt grade standards with little or no 2nd and 3rd grade beans. The government takes an active role in minimizing early picking and enforcing security and quality standards amongst growers and preparers of vanilla. We are pleased to integrate bourbon vanilla from The Comoros back into our product line. 

bet356游戏Availability, although sometimes erratic, has improved significantly for Indonesian vanilla in recent years. Although still focused mostly on lower grade extraction vanilla it is possible to find lots of higher grade or even gourmet quality depending on the region. Indonesian vanilla provides a more cost-effective raw material choice when vanillin content is not the priority. We only offer authentic Indonesian vanilla grown locally and not Indonesian vanilla that has been sourced in Papua New Guinea. 

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Vanilla Extracts

bet356游戏 A blend of tahitensis and planifolia type vanilla beans. A strong but not overbearing flavor ideally suited for everyday usage. Extremely economical without any compromise in quality.

Available Sizes:bet356游戏 12 x 1 quart (946 ml) 


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Vanilla Others


bet356游戏 Vanilla seeds are meticulously separated and dried then sterilized. Seeds are used to visually enhance any type of premium vanilla products from ice creams, to custards, fillings and yoghurts.

Packing:bet356游戏 1kg, 5 kg or 25 kg

bet356游戏 An excellent alternative to vanilla extract for baking applications, dairy, confectionery, cereal products, just to name a few. 100% shelf stable, compact and alcohol free. Through a proprietary process developed through our partners in Hamburg our ground vanilla imparts a rich vanilla flavor with notes of butter and burnt caramel. Available in 3 grades including Madagascar, mixed origins and Papua New Guinea. Madagascar and Papua New Guinea are also available certified organic.

Packing:bet356游戏 1kg, 5kg or 25 kg.

This ready to use fine confectionary vanilla sugar contains a minimum 7% pure vanilla powder. The product can be used in a variety of recipes and can be consumed directly. Ideally suited for deserts, fresh fruits, beverages, baking, etc.